Gloria Andersen

Just me now

20 August
After five summers of teaching American Government for District 203 and writing letters to my Congressperson I have decided to step forward and run for the House of Representatives. I have a BA in Secondary Social Studies and an MA in History.

My resume includes teaching, working in the private sector and working as a Child Development Program Specialist for the Department of Health Education and Welfare.(No longer in existence-but I am)

I have been married for 24 years to Scott, and have two sons in college. Although I did not get to be a soccer mom for long, I did get to be the ultimate swim mom, officiating for United States Swimming and YMCA Nationals. I have also volunteered as a S.H.A.R.E. Puppeteer teaching children about disabilities, worked as a VIP Board member in Hudson Ohio, and a Chess Club advisor. In Hudson I helped organize recycling days as well as a group to maintain the standards of the Hudson schools and preserve the Separation of Church and State. I have taught religious school for over fourteen years. Presently I have been active registering voters with DAWN and am a Lisle Township Precinct Captain.

The reason I am running is the incumbent. Judy Biggert has given freely of her time in the schools, and has supported Argonne and NASA, all activities I would hope to maintain, but she said she was “pro choice” and voted for the ,”Partial Birth Abortion Ban” . She is fighting the “War on Terror”, and voted for the “Patriot Act” but she does not believe in gun control. She voted for the war in Iraq at the expense of our war on poverty.

We need to face the reality of what was done in Iraq. We need to develop a foreign policy conducive to developing cooperation among the nations of the world with the goal of encouraging those nations to be part of a team to instill order and peace in Iraq. The solution is cooperation among nations not a deadline inspired by election dates. During this process we must ensure that the men and women of the armed forces have the funding to do their jobs and return home safely and the Iraqis who have helped us are not endangered by our departure.

This is not the time to give “tax breaks” to the people who need it the least. The states have suffered because state taxes in many cases are linked to Federal Taxes. We are mortgaging our children’s future. We are funding a war, and should be funding Veteran’s hospitals, services for the families of the armed forces, creating jobs for the unemployed and job training. We need to create affordable health insurance and health care. We should be rebuilding our country. The legislatures have to change in order for the legislation to change.

This has been an unpaid political announcement